Jaybird 2.2.12

@mrotteveel mrotteveel released this Dec 18, 2016 · 786 commits to master since this release

The following has been changed or fixed in Jaybird 2.2.12:

  • Fixed: ResultSetMetaData reports precision 0 for computed columns in
    Firebird 2.5 and earlier (JDBC-450)
    If Firebird reports precision 0, Jaybird will now estimate it to be
    precision 19 (not 18). This will be improved in Jaybird 3 to report 18.
  • Calling addBatch() or executeBatch() on a statement prepared with one of
    the generated keys options will now throw an FBDriverNotCapableException,
    instead of an unclear BatchUpdateException on executeBatch. (JDBC-451)
    Support for batch execution on a prepared statement with getGeneratedKeys
    support will be added in Jaybird 3.0 (see JDBC-452).
  • Fixed: ResultSet.absolute(0) should not throw an exception, but position
    the result set before the first row (JDBC-453)
  • Fixed: ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision of a numeric column when no
    transaction is active throws an SQLException (JDBC-464)
    As part of this fix, the handling of queries executed by FBDatabaseMetaData
    has been changed. Most metadata queries are now kept prepared for reuse.

Known issues in Jaybird 2.2.12

  • Connecting to Firebird 2.5 and earlier with a Firebird 3 fbclient.dll may
    be slow with native connections, see CORE-4658.
    Workaround is to connect to the IPv4 address instead of the hostname, or to
    use a Firebird 2.5 or earlier fbclient.dll.

See the full release notes for more information.

The release is also available on maven(*):


* The artifactId depends on your target Java version: jaybird-jdk18, jaybird-jdk17, or jaybird-jdk16.