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Flightradar24 3D models

This repo contains all models which are used for Flightradar24 3D view. All files are stored in glTF format.


Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to open pull requests for any 3D aircraft models or house liveries, as long as they are licensed under free license (GPLv2, BSD, etc...).

3D Models

You can contribute missing 3d models by posting pull request with model (.blend, .obj, .dae or .gltf extension) and providing details about it and license info.

gltf extension is preferred, since not all .blend/.obj/.dae models correctly converts to glTF format. To check conversion, please use online converter from dae to glTF. Also, you can use various other converters


We are currently looking for house liveries for most of aircrafts. All of FGMEMBERS aircrafts contains paintkits, which you can use as a template for a livery (example).

Please note that we are currently not looking for airlines liveries.


Many thanks to FlightGear project and FGMEMBERS repository for providing 3D models of excellent quality.

List of used aircrafts:

Aircraft model
Boeing 737-600 link
Boeing 737-700 link
Boeing 737-800 link
Boeing 737-900 link
Boeing 747-400 link
Boeing 747-8i link
Boeing 757-200 link
Boeing 757-300 link
Boeing 767-200 link
Boeing 767-300 link
Boeing 767-400 link
Boeing 777-200 link
Boeing 777-300 link
Boeing 787-800 link
Boeing 787-900 link
Airbus A318 link
Airbus A319 link
Airbus A320 link
Airbus A321 link
Airbus A330-200 link
Airbus A330-300 link
Airbus A340-300 link
Airbus A340-600 link
Airbus A350 link
Airbus A380 link
ATR 42 link
Cessna Citation II link
Piper PA-28 link
Bombardier CRJ700 link
Bombardier CRJ900 link
Embraer E170 link
Embraer E190 link
Bombardier CRJ700 link
Eurocopter EC135 link
Millennium Falcon link
AN-225 Mrija link
A300-600ST Beluga link
Bombardier CS100 link
Bombardier CS300 link
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 link
BAe 146 link
ASK 21 link
Santa Claus link


Millenium Falcon is made by Johnson Martin and licensed by CC BY 4.0. Changes to model were made.

Santa Claus model is made by egis and licensed by 3D Warehouse License

All other models are licensed under GPLv2