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一款基于python的命令行查词工具, 使用金山词霸api。


pip install ici


$ ici what



pron. (用以询问某人或某事物的词)什么,多少;…的事物;

adj. …的(事物或人);

adv. (用于感叹句中);

int. (用以表示不相信或惊奇);(用以表示未听清楚对方说的话);

ex. Compare the use of which and what as determiners and pronouns in questions. 试比较which和what用作限定词和代词时,在疑问句中的用法。

ex. We categorize functionally idiomsinto three types: ideational (e.g. Indian summer), interpersonal (e.g. What's up?) 我们将习语搭配按其功能分为三类:概念搭配(如Indiansummer),人际搭配(如What’s up?)

ex. The song is called What's Yr [your] Take on Cassavetes. 歌名就是“What'syr[your]TakeonCassavetes”。

ex. The questions such as"why""what""how"have been answered. 现有的研究基本上回答了有关语文课程资源建设的“为什么(why)”、“是什么(what)”及“怎么办(how)”的系列问题。

ex. Who, what, that, etc. are relatives. Who, what, that等是关系代词。



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