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@sgrogan sgrogan released this Apr 9, 2019 · 7 commits to releases/FreeCAD-0-18 since this release

This is the official 0.18.1 release of FreeCAD.


AppImages (no compiling necessary) are available (a kind of binary that can run on many Linux distros). Download the highest revision of the .AppImage

AppImage (delta) updates

For more streamlined downloading of AppImages download AppImageUpdate (GUI or the command line version). To perform an update:

# Using GUI
chmod +x ./AppImageUpdate.AppImage
./AppImageUpdate.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage
# Command line
chmod +x ./appimageupdatetool.AppImage
./appimageupdatetool.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage


Binary developer builds (no compiling necessary) are available. Download the highest revision of the .dmg


Installers are available.
The Win x64 installer uses Conda as a package manager, The binaries use PY3.6, QT5, and VS2015+
The Win x32 installer uses Libpack 11.11. The binaries use PY2.7, QT4, and VS2013

The portable builds do not require an installation. Extract the file using 7zip and start the application by double clicking on FreeCAD.exe in the bin sub-directory of the extracted package.


FreeCAD.0_18.Offline.Doc.7z is compressed version of the FreeCAD offline documentation.
FreeCAD.0_18.Quick.Reference.Guide.7z is a compressed version of the FreeCAD Quick Reference Guide
Unzip them with a 7zip utility

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