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Requests For Features

RFFs are presented in the first of them. This page is a simple index of all RFFs accompanied by their abstract.

Introduction to Requests For Features

This is an introductive issue defining the basic goal of the present file and some useful guidelines.

Different base configurations

This is a feature for future production release of Freeder. It is not needed for development phase but should not be forgotten.

Good documentation

Documentation is useful at each step of Freeder development and always evolve, so this issue is more a guideline than a well bound feature.

Feed Views

Views are a fundamental feature of Freeder. This issue defines what they are and specifies the format used to define them.


This issue defines the goals of Freeder API and its specification. It is a main feature.

Idea box

If you have not enough time to edit a full RFF — or if you are too lazy — you can just add you pitch idea to that simple list.

It is RECOMMENDED to finally write a full RFF from you ideas (and then remove it from this list) when you have time — or motivation — to do it.

Since it just have to be a pitch collector, you MAY add items that only you can understand, although it is not recommended.

  • Est-ce que Freeder va voir la balise <link rel="feeds" … /> dans un html normal ou pas ?
  • Inline comments and review
  • Privacy feature list
  • Document tags!
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