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Jun 24, 2020

Hackintosh 840

This repo contains EFI configuration, kext and many more for HP ElteBook 840 G3 laptop. This EFI might be compatible with other laptops from EliteBook 840 lineup(not tested).


Working components

Component Component model State
Wifi Intel Wireless AC 8260 Buggy(sometimes work, sometimes don't)
Bluetooth Intel Wireless AC 8260 Working
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 520 Working
Sound Bang&Olufsen Working
Battery N\A(Stock) Working
Trackpad Synaptics Working(gestures too)

Known bugs

  • Apple TV/TV+ doesn't work
  • Wi-Fi analyzer shows wrong info about a network(like «Hidden network», even when it is not hidden)
  • The "Charger connected" sound plays only in headphones


Step one: create bootable USB of macOS

You need a flash drive with size of 16 GB. Then make a bootable USB of macOS on another Mac machine. Borrow a real Mac, or use a Hackintosh.

Step two: install Hackintosh

Then, you need to install macOS on your EliteBook 840 G3. Just run macOS Installation, clear drive with Disk Utility, and install macOS using Install macOS option.

Step three: postinstall

Download Hackintool, and place the downloaded app in Applications.

Step fix display colors

Go to Apple > System Preferences > Display > Color, then select P3(display). This fixes blue color represented like purple color.

Step three.two: install serial number and UUID to fix Apple ID, iCloud, App Store, iMessage and more

First, open Hackintool from Launchpad or Spotlight. Go to System tab, and in that tab, click Serial Generator. At the bottom, select MacBookPro13,1, and click at the refresh icon. Now, mount your EFI. Go to Disks tab, right-click the EFI partition, and click Mount. Then, right-click again, and click Open.

Next, navigate to EFI > OC and open config.plist in Xcode. Now, expand Plaforminfo, and in it Generic. In row SystemProductName write MacBookPro13,1, in row SystemSerialNumber paste the Serial Number from Hackintool. The same applies to SystemUUID: paste there SmUUID from Hackintool.

Step three.three: make boot look nice

If you haven't closed your config.plist in Xcode, good. If closed, open it again. In the menu bar select Find, and then Find in Workspace or press Shift+Command+F. Now, type in search box -v, and click first result. (If nothing appears, proceed to next step.) Then, scroll a little bit down to reveal the selected result. Now, select the text box and delect -v part from it (if you're curious what does it do, basically it replaces normal graphical boot with console-like boot. Typically used when debugging).

Restart your Hackintosh to apply all changes made now.

Step four: enjoy!

Now you can enjoy your fresh installation of macOS!

If you want to contribute, feel free to create issues and pull requests! I always appreciate any help!