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This is the source code to Simple Scan — a GNOME document scanning application. Simple Scan allows you to capture images using image scanners (e.g. flatbed scanners) that have suitable SANE drivers installed.

Building from source

Install the dependencies (first line is Ubuntu/Debian, second is Fedora):

$ sudo apt install git meson valac libgtk-3-dev libgusb-dev libcolord-dev libpackagekit-glib2-dev libwebp-dev libsane-dev gettext itstool
$ sudo dnf install -y meson vala gettext itstool gtk3-devel libgusb-devel colord-devel PackageKit-glib-devel libwebp-devel sane-backends-devel

Get the source:

$ git clone
$ cd simple-scan

Build and run:

$ meson --prefix $PWD/install build/
$ ninja -C build/ all install
$ XDG_DATA_DIRS=install/share:$XDG_DATA_DIRS ./install/bin/simple-scan


There is a --debug command line switch to enable more verbose logging:

$ simple-scan --debug

Log messages can also be found in the $HOME/.cache/simple-scan folder.

If you don't have a scanner ready, you can use a virtual "test" scanner:

$ simple-scan --debug test

Simple Scan works by using the SANE API to capture images. It chooses the settings it thinks are appropriate for what you are trying to do. Drivers have many options and are of differring quality - it is useful to work out if any issues are caused by Simple Scan or the drivers. To rule out Simple Scan you can use the graphical tool (XSane) or the command line scanimage provided by the SANE project - these allow to to easily see and control all the settings your driver provides.


To contribute code to Simple Scan make merge requests on If you find issues please report them.