Enclosure and Universal Hardware for IoT Gadgets.
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GadgetBox tackles the biggest problems with current IoT devices – shield stacking, easily adding hardware, hardware compatibility, and an enclosure for your project. There are lots of IoT hardware options out there but none of them have thought the problem all the way through, so what we end up with is either a crazy tower of shields or peripherals soldered on with jumper wires. Not something we can proudly show our friends and family, let alone put into use in our homes.

GadgetBox starts with a case and builds from there – so the end result is an attractive, functional device with all of the electronics safely contained in the case.

Inside the GadgetBox case is a motherboard that provides all of the circuitry to charge and use a Lipo battery pack, provide higher current to your peripherals, and organizes all IO pins into the Universal eCog scheme. A motherboard for all of the most popular IoT devices is currently in the works – Arduino, Teensy, Pi Zero, ESP8266, etc.

eCogs are Universal peripherals that just snap into the motherboard and form the top of your enclosure. Only the hardware that is needed by the end user is exposed to the outside world, everything else is tucked inside the enclosure. Because the motherboards are designed using the Universal eCog scheme you can freely interchange your eCogs between motherboards. If you have an SD card eCog shouldn’t you be able to use that same eCog with the Arduino, Teensy, Pi Zero, and ESP8266? Of course you should, the Universal eCog scheme makes that possible.

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