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Warning: This plugin is unmaintained and deprecated, and the Maven repository mentioned in this README doesn't exist anymore


sbt-vaadin-plugin is a plugin for Simple Build Tool that generates widget sets for for Vaadin. If you intend to use any third party widgets not included in the core Vaadin distribution, you'll ned widget set compilation.


  • Generates Vaadin widget sets
  • Works with jetty-run
  • Includes generated files properly into SBT-generated WAR-files
  • Fully configurable through method overrides
  • Uses java command from PATH, not necessarily the same JVM you are running SBT with!


Make sure you have the required GWT dependencies included. You'll need these (2.0.4 is just an example, feel free to use any version):

val gwtDev = "" % "gwt-dev" % "2.0.4"
val gwtUser = "" % "gwt-user" % "2.0.4" 

First, add the maven repository and the plugin declaration to project/plugins/Plugins.scala:

import sbt._

class Plugins(info: ProjectInfo) extends PluginDefinition(info) {
  val jawsyMavenReleases = " M2 releases" at ""
  val vaadinPlugin = "fi.jawsy" % "sbt-vaadin-plugin" % "0.1.3"

Then mix the plugin into your project definition and override the widget set name:

import fi.jawsy.sbtplugins.vaadin.VaadinPlugin
import sbt._

class SomeProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultWebProject(info) with VaadinPlugin {
  override def vaadinWidgetSet = "mypackage.MyWidgetSet"

Add a corresponding module definition file into src/main/resources (in this example src/main/resources/mypackage/MyWidgetSet.gwt.xml):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  "-//Google Inc.//DTD Google Web Toolkit 2.0.4//EN"

Add your widget set init parameter to web.xml:

  <!-- Other web.xml stuff -->
    <!-- Other Vaadin servlet parameters -->

The plugin compiles the widget set automatically if it hasn't been compiled before, so you can now run the webapp with jetty-run or package it with package.

If you add/remove/upgrade any addons or upgrade to a new version of Vaadin, you must recompile the widgetset by running the vaadin-compile action

How do I ...?

Disable vaadin widget set compilation

override autorunVaadinCompile = false

Change GWT compiler arguments

override vaadinCompilerArgs = super.vaadinCompilerArgs ::: List("-draftCompile", "-localWorkers", "2")

Change GWT compiler JVM arguments

If you want to replace default arguments: override vaadinCompilerJvmArgs = List("-server", "-Xmx256M")

If you just want add some arguments in addition to the defaults: override vaadinCompilerJvmArgs = super.vaadinCompilerJvmArgs ::: List("-server", "-XX:MaxPermSize:256m")

Supported SBT actions

  • vaadin-compile

    Compiles a Vaadin widgetset.


Nothing at the moment! Please report any bugs you find