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Paper: Di Jin, Mark Heimann, Ryan Rossi, Danai Koutra. node2bits: Compact Time- and Attribute-aware Node Representations. ECML/PKDD European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, September 2019.

Code: The code will be uploaded here soon.

Citation (bibtex):

  author    = {Di Jin and
               Mark Heiamann and
               Ryan A. Rossi and
               Danai Koutra},
  title     = {node2bits: Compact Time- and Attribute-aware Node Representations},
  booktitle = {Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases - European Conference,
               {ECML} {PKDD} 2019, Wurzburg, Germany, September 16-20, 2019, Proceedings},
  year      = {2019},
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