Scatter is a multi-blockchain signature, identity, and reputation provider for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Pinned repositories

  1. ScatterDesktop

    Signatures, Identity, Reputation, and Security.. for everyone.

    Vue 277 83

  2. scatter-js

    Importable JavaScript library that allows web applications to directly interface with Scatter Desktop, Classic and Mobile.

    JavaScript 127 43

  3. scatter-sharp

    Scatter C# library to interact with ScatterDesktop/ScatterMobile

    C# 10 4

  4. eos-sharp

    C# client library for EOS blockchains

    C# 34 9

  5. ScatterApps

    A repository of applications using Scatter

    31 81

  6. SIPs

    Scatter Improvement Proposals - A place to debate additions to the general Scatter ecosystem.


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