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A checklist of Pokemon locations in Sun and Moon (also works for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)!

Pokefinder shows a list of locations by route that Pokemon can be found. It saves locally to your computer, and checks off duplicate Pokemon.

You can use it as a Pokedex to check of Pokemon you have caught on certain routes, or as a route guide to find where to catch the Pokemon you next want to find.


Pokemon sorted by route and location

Sorting Pokemon by their route and location allows you to easily find where to catch a certain Pokemon. Looking for a Magikarp? Search the page and find everywhere Magikarp appears.

Check off caught Pokemon

Once you've finally caught a certain Pokemon, you can tick off that Pokemon on the website so you know you already have it.

Automatic selection of duplicate Pokemon

If you check off a Pokemon, all other instances of that Pokemon will also be checked off. For example, Mudbray appears on multiple routes, so once you have checked it off in one route, all the other Mudbrays are checked off too. This means that you won't get confused if you have a certain Pokemon or if you don't.

Local save

With Pokefinder you can save your checklist status to your computer locally. Just hit save at the top of the page, and your checklist statues will be saved. When you open the page again, selecting load will load up the checklist status that you saved.

Links to each route section

At the top of the page there is a route table of contents, that allows you to quickly move around the page to the route you want.

Night mode

Hunting Pokemon into the night? Night mode will allow you to use Pokefinder with ease in the dark.

And more!

Pokefinder also gives you a little look of the Pokemon next to the name for easy identification, catch chance information and more!

Contributing/bugs/feature requests:

Want to help out? If you see a bug, please feel free to fix it and submit a pull request, or make an issue. Also, please feel free to make an issue for any feature requests you would like to see!

We use BrowserStack to test across multiple browsers:

Check out the Reddit post announcing Pokefinder.

Made by Giacomo Lawrance.


A checklist of Pokemon locations in Sun and Moon








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