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Loupe Agent for ASP.NET WebForms

This agent adds ASP.NET WebForms-specific monitoring features. If you don't need to modify the source code just download the latest Loupe Agent for ASP.NET.
It extends the Loupe Agent so you can use any viewer for Loupe to visualize network information.

You can install it directly from nuget here

Implementation Notes

Since Loupe supports .NET 2.0 and later and the WebForms capabilities are available in .NET 2.0 this agent targets .NET 2.0 as well. Due to the built-in compatibility handling in the .NET runtime it can be used by any subsequent version of .NET so there's no need for a .NET 4.0 or later version unless modifying to support something only available in .NET 4.0 or later.

Building the Agent

This project is designed for use with Visual Studio 2012 with NuGet package restore enabled. When you build it the first time it will retrieve dependencies from NuGet.


Feel free to branch this project and contribute a pull request to the development branch. If your changes are incorporated into the master version they'll be published out to NuGet for everyone to use!