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Python 20 15


GeoIp data and helper function. Facilitates install and handling of the datasets

Updated Jan 22, 2016

Python 16 29


forked from philippWassibauer/django-threaded-messages

Rewrite of django-messages to support Facebook-style threaded messaging

Updated Mar 24, 2014

Python 0 230


forked from caffeinehit/django-oauth2-provider

Provide OAuth2 access to your app

Updated Feb 7, 2013


forked from django-tastypie/django-tastypie

Creating delicious APIs for Django apps since 2010. v1.0.0-beta

Updated Jan 30, 2013

Python 0 0


Tools and helpers for working with the Gidsy codebase(s)

Updated Jan 17, 2013

Python 1 0


The templates for the helpcenter, including emails

Updated Jan 11, 2013

Python 4 237


forked from grantmcconnaughey/django-avatar

A reusable django application for handling Avatars.

Updated Oct 5, 2012

Python 6 91


forked from jtauber/django-email-confirmation

simple email confirmation for the Django web framework

Updated Sep 6, 2012

Python 0 62


forked from frankwiles/django-app-metrics

Simple framework for capturing in application metrics and emailing aggregation results

Updated Aug 30, 2012

Python 1 76


forked from rennat/pynliner

Python CSS-to-inline-styles conversion tool for HTML using BeautifulSoup and cssutils

Updated Aug 22, 2012

Python 3 24


forked from marcinn/django-favorites

Generic favorites app for django with some more utilities that make it a bit more plugable

Updated Jul 26, 2012

Python 1 63


forked from maraujop/django-persistent-messages

My independent fork of django-persistent-messages. A Django app for unified and persistent user messages/notifications, built on top of Django's messages framework

Updated May 8, 2012

Python 0 211


forked from SmileyChris/easy-thumbnails

Easy thumbnails for Django

Updated Mar 19, 2012

Python 1 106


forked from samgiles/slumber

A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

Updated Feb 23, 2012

Python 3 78


forked from brosner/django-voting

my sandbox of django-voting

Updated Jan 30, 2012

Python 1 54


forked from jpwatts/django-positions

A Django field for custom model ordering.

Updated Jan 19, 2012

Python 1 145


forked from dcramer/django-ratings

Pluggable rating fields in Django.

Updated Jan 19, 2012

Python 4 365


forked from jtauber/django-notification

user notification management for the Django web framework

Updated Jan 19, 2012

Python 0 0


A thin django wrapper to receive email replies using the Sendgrid Parse API

Updated Dec 26, 2011

Ruby 3 0


Ruby script that adds listeners to Amazon ELB balancers

Updated Dec 1, 2011

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