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A very simple system for converting XML/RSS to JSON
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@package XML2JSON
@package_version 1.0
@file_version 1.0
@author Gingah
@copyright Copyright (c) 2010 - 2011, Gingah

Quick XML to JSON (abbreviated XML2JSON) is a PHP-file for creating a JSON file 
from a XML file. It uses Simplepie to read the XML/RSS data.

1. Copy all the files (file.xml, xml2json.php and to a directory 
on your webserver that supports PHP.
2. Run xml2json.php (open it in your browser).
3. A file called file.xml.js will now be located in the same directory, it 
contains the JSON version of the XML you input.
4. Customize the functionality of xml2json.php as you see fit.
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