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Travis size report

Let Travis tell you what changed compared to the last successful build on a particular branch. This helps you catch unexpected file renames and size changes.

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npm install -D travis-size-report

Then, in .travis.yml:

after_success: sizereport --config


Config file

This is typically sizereport.config.js.

module.exports = {
  repo: 'GoogleChromeLabs/travis-size-report',
  path: 'dist/**/*',
  branch: 'master',
  findRenamed(path, newPaths) {
  • repo (required) - The username/repo-name.
  • path (required) - The glob (or array of globs) of files to include in the report.
  • branch (optional, default: 'master') - The branch to check against.
  • findRenamed(path, newPaths) (optional) - See below

findRenamed(path, newPaths)

By default, a renamed file will look like one file deleted and another created. By writing a findRenamed callback, you can tell travis-size-report that a file was renamed.

  • path - A path that existed in the previous build, but doesn't exist in the new build.
  • newPaths - Paths that appear in the new build, but didn't appear in the previous build.

Match up path to one of the newPaths by returning the matching newPath. Or return undefined if path was deleted rather than renamed.

For example, if my files looked like name.hash.extension I would consider main.abcde.js and main.12345.js to be the same file, renamed. I could match them up like this:

const minimatch = require('minimatch');
const { parse } = require('path');

module.exports = {
  repo: 'GoogleChromeLabs/travis-size-report',
  path: 'dist/**/*',
  findRenamed(path, newPaths) {
    const parsedPath = parse(path);
    // Split the file into name, hash, and the rest
    const re = /^([^.]+)\.([^.]+)(\..+)$/.exec(parsedPath.base);
    if (!re) return;
    const [base, name, hash, extension] = re;
    const toMatch = `${parsedPath.dir}/${name}.*.${extension}`;
    return newPaths.find(path => minimatch(path, toMatch));

Command line

sizereport [flags] repo path


  • --config (or -c) - Path to the config file. If no path is provided, ./sizereport.config.js is the default.
  • --branch - Same as branch in the config file.

repo and path are the same as their equivalents in the config file.

It's recommended to use the config file rather than use args. If both are used, the command line args take priority over values in the config file.


Results appear at the end of your Travis log. They're folded away by default, so you'll need to click on the sizereport line to expand it.

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