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Configuring Credentials for Google Container Registry (GCR)

There are a few ways of supplying Jib with the credentials to push and pull images from your private GCR regsitry.

Using the Docker credential helper

The easiest way is to install the docker-credential-gcr.


If you have gcloud (Cloud SDK) installed, you can run:

gcloud components install docker-credential-gcr

Alternatively, if you have go get installed, you can run:

go get -u

Alternatively, you can download docker-credential-gcr from its Github Releases.

Enable the Container Registry API

If you have not already done so, make sure you enable the Container Registry API for the Google Cloud Platform account you wish to use.

Log in

Log in to the account you with to use with:

docker-credential-gcr gcr-login

This stores the credentials in docker-credential-gcr's private credential store.

Now, you can use Jib to pull and push from images in the form

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