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PHP Classes for dynamically generating EPub files.
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PHPePub allows a php script to generate ePub Electronic books on the fly, and send them to the user as downloads.

PHPePub support most of the ePub 2.01 specification, and enough of the new ePub3 specification to make valid ePub 3 books as well.

The projects is also hosted on at the addresses:

PHPePub is meant to be easy to use for small projects, and still allow for comples and complete e-books should the need arise.

The Zip.php class in this project originates from
or on Github:

See the examples for example usage. The php files have "some" doumentation in them in the form of Javadoc style function headers.

* A LOT, there is a new version (tentatively version 2.15) being written remodelling a lot of the class structure. The goal being to encompas the majority of the features in teh ePub 2.0 specification, except the Daisy type files.
* Add better handling of Reference structures.
* Improve handling of media types and linked files.
* A/V content is allowed, but definitely not recommended, and MUST have a fallback chain ending in a valid file. If no such chain is provided, the content should not be added.
* Documentation, no one reads it, but everyone complains if it is missing.
* Better examples to fully cover the capabilities of the EPub classes.
* more TODO's.
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