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Kiri:Moto is a multi-modal slicing and visualization engine that produces

  • 3 axis CNC toolpaths
  • GCode for 3D printers
  • DXG/SVG cut paths for lasers


Kiri:Moto requires a modern HTML5 compliant browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge with WebGL support. Internet Explorer will not work. Chrome or Edge under Windows may need updated WebGL drivers. Please Note that it is memory and CPU intensive since it does all of it's processing locally in your browser. If you are sizing a system to use Kiri:Moto, please plan for at least 8GB of RAM.

Getting Started

Video Guides and Tutorials
Keyboard and Mouse Controls
GCode Variable Substitution
GCode Sender in CAM Mode
Print and Other Settings

Community and Help

Grid.Space Forums for questions, community engagement
Report bugs and issues on GitHub

Social Media

YouTube for instructional videos
Twitter for announcements and updates
Facebook because it's obligatory
Thingiverse for downloadable designs

Please help grow the community by spreading the word!

Site App Integrations

Onshape App Store Entry
Thingiverse Thing App

Other Interesting Tidbits

Kiri:Moto is an entirely new slicer written from scratch. It does not use any components from other slicers. Since it is written purely in Javascript, it is able to run entirely in-browser. Future work may offer server-side slicing for larger and more complex models.

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