A 3D slicer (Kiri:Moto) and block modeler (Meta:Moto)
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Grid.Space hosts live versions of the latest tagged code


  • Kiri:Moto - A Unique, Multi-Modal, Cloud-based Slicer for FDM, CNC and Laser
  • Meta:Moto - Recursive Block-based Modeling

Getting Started

npm update
npm start

to start a local instance of the apps. then open Kiri:Moto or Meta:Moto on http://localhost:8080/

Other Start Options

npm run-script start-web

serves code as obfuscated, compressed bundles. this is the mode used to run on a public web site, so you can't use "localhost" to test. to accomodate this, alias "debug" to then access the apps from http://debug:8080/

More Information