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Grid.Space Web Applications

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Grid.Space hosts several live versions of this code

Kiri:Moto is a browser-based Slicer for 3D printers, CNC mills, and Laser cutters

Mesh:Tool is a browser-based mesh repair and editing tool

Primary Documentation

Development Activity

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Community Engagement

Discord | YouTube | Twitter

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Testing Locally (with Docker)

git clone
cd grid-apps
docker-compose -f src/dock/compose.yml up

Testing Locally (with NodeJS)

git clone
cd grid-apps
npm i
npm install -g @gridspace/app-server
gs-app-server --debug

to start a local instance of the apps. then use a browser to open localhost:8080/kiri

if installing the app-server fails or gives you permissions errors, then your node installation (on linux/mac) is installed as another user (like root). try instead:

sudo npm install -g @gridspace/app-server

Alternatively, if you are using a packaged version of npm that ships with a Linux distribution, but still want to install in your home directory, you can use

npm config set prefix ~/.local

If gs-app-server is not found, then perhaps ~/.local/bin is not in your path. You can either add it to your path, or you can run:

~/.local/bin/gs-app-server --debug

You can now access your environment of grid-apps by going to localhost:8080/kiri

Windows Developers

this git repo requires symbolic link support. on Windows, this means you have to clone the repo in a command shell with Administrator privileges.

Other Start Options


serves code as obfuscated, compressed bundles. this is the mode used to run on a public web site.

requires node.js 12+

Javascript Slicing APIs

A script include that injects a web worker into the page that will asynchronously perform any of Kiri’s slicing and gcode generation functions. And a frame messaging API for controlling Kiri:Moto inside an IFrame.