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Domino Docker Containers

This project contains build scripts for HCL Domino Docker/Container images via dockerfiles. The repository provides the utilities to build HCL Domino Server with the latest software or specific version in a Docker/Container image. There are separate folders within this repository for Domino add-on HCL products like Traveler and HCL Domino Leap as well.

You are looking to (just) configure & control Domino container instances - not to build containers?

You are in luck, just at the wrong place. Head over to Nash!Com's Domino start script and follow the instructions there. There is no need to use this repository.

Where to get HCL Domino software

The project uses the official HCL web-kit installers to build container images download from the official HCL Flexnet repository.
All HCL customers should have a download account for HCL Flexnet software portal.
HCL Business Partners with the Partner Pack can download software in a similar way.

Supported environments

The project is supported on Docker Desktop, Docker Server, Podman, Rancher Desktop, Kubernetes (K8s) and OpenShift. See detailed information about supported run-time and build environments.

Documentation & Quickstart

See the documentation and the Quickstart for details


For issues relating specifically to the Dockerfiles and scripts, please use the GitHub issue tracker


We welcome contributions following our guidelines.

Community Support

Special Thanks go to the following people for having provided valuable input to this project


The Dockerfiles and associated scripts are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

License for products that can be installed within images is as follows:

Note that HCL Domino and add-on products are commercial software - The software licenses agreement does not permit further distribution of the docker image that was built using this script.