[Arduino C] This Arduino library provides light weight serializer and parser for messagepack
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This Arduino library provides a light weight serializer and parser for messagepack.


Download the zip, and import it with your Arduino IDE: Sketch>Include Library>Add .zip library


See the either the .h file, or the examples (led_controller and test_uno_writer).

In short:

  • functions like msgpck_what_next(Stream * s); watch the next type of data without reading it (without advancing the buffer of Stream s).
  • functions like msgpck_read_bool(Stream * s, bool *b) read a value from Stream s.
  • functions like msgpck_write_bool(Stream * s, bool b) write a value on Stream s.


  • Stream are used as much as possible in order not to add to much overhead with buffers. Therefore you should be able to store the minimum number of value at a given time.
  • Map and Array related functions concern only their headers. Ex: If you want to write an array containing two elements you should write the array header, then write the two elements.


Currently the library does not support:

  • 8 bytes float (Only 4 bytes floats are supported by default on every Arduino and floats are anyway not recommended on Arduino)
  • 2^32 char long (or longer) strings
  • 2^32 byte long (or longer) bins
  • extention types.