BePDF is a PDF viewer. Besides viewing, it supports annotating and user-defined bookmarking for unencrypted PDFs.
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This is a PDF reader that is based on XPDF 4.0. It handles PDF files up to PDF version 1.7 (Adobe Reader 9+).

BePDF Screenshoot

List of Features

  • Viewing of encrypted and password protected PDF 1.7 files.
  • Opens file dropped on window.
  • Navigation (with keyboard, toolbar, dragging with the mouse, mouse wheel, links).
  • Displays annotations.
  • Zooming (in/out, selecting a rectangle with the mouse).
  • Rotating the page.
  • Can show a page list, bookmarks and attachments.
  • Window mode or fullscreen mode.
  • Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional) and Korean font support.
  • Renders embedded fonts (Type 1, Truetype) with FreeType 2 library.
  • Multithreaded (rendering is done in a separate thread).
  • Editing (Annotations can be added to an unencrypted PDF file)
  • File Attachment Annotations and Attachments can be saved.
  • Printing (range of pages; even or odd pages only; reverse or in order).
  • Searching text.
  • Copying text or graphics (via drag and drop to other applications (e.g. Tracker) and into the clipboard).
  • Session management for PDF files on BFS (open file with the settings when it was last closed).
  • Information (about the file, security, fonts used).