A very simple scientific calculator.
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This is a very simple scientific calculator meant as an experiment and learning experience in writing for BeOS. Please send me bugs/questions/gripes, but don't file lawsuits if your taxes do not come out just right!

How to install

Simply run make.

How to use

I assume that you are already familiar with handheld calculators, so I'll omit the really basic stuff. Just launch the application and use it. However, there are a few subtle points:

  • The inv button is a modifier that gives the inverse trig functions. Click the inv button followed by one of the three trig buttons (sin cos tan). The inverse feature resets itself after every single use.

  • The deg button is a toggle that behaves in the classic unintuitive way: when the button says deg the trig functions operate in degrees; clicking the button changes its label to rad and makes trig functions operate in radians.

  • The C button clears the current input. Clicking C a second time in a row resets the calculator's stack and input.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • The obvious 0 ... 9 , = , / , + , C , . , etc.
  • e puts you in exponent mode (i.e. type 16.7e6).
  • p gives PI.
  • ~ (tilde) is the "-/+" key used for negating a number.
  • Enter , Return both activate the "=" key.

You may paste text into the calculator (command+V). This is currently fine for simple expressions, but it doesn't allow you to enter stuff that doesn't have a keyboard shortcut (see above). Sorry.

You may copy from the calculator (command+C). The clipboard will be loaded with both the text representation and the double-precision floating-point representation.

Brought to you by:

Peter Wagner pwagner@stanfordalumni.org