Projects (who is doing what)

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For seeing what are we doing at this moment, check first projects. There we have the priorized issues and works in what we are involved for milestones, because we consider there are blocking problems or we decided to dedicate our time in a specific area for different reasons.

Below you can see some of the projects on which we're working on from time to time, testing them or maintaining them. Everybody can help on any of them or start a new one.

  • For giving a hand in any of listed below, please contact with people who is working on it, send an email to our list, or just tell us in Slack.
  • ... or if you imagined a new one thinking it's cool-incredible-funny, don't wait and tell us about it through the same ways mentioned above.


Go Lang Ron Stable Harvey builds and runs Go programs natively
APEX(C99-C11)/GCC Lang Álvaro Testing Native toolchain over real hardware
Profiling Internals Keith Testing If you can understand profiling, you don't need to read this.
bldy Tools Sevki Testing Integrating Harvey with bldy distributed build tool
FreeBSD IP stack Networking No owner Not scheduled yet Episode IV: A new hope
TLS upgrade Internals Rafael Development TLS 1.2, welcome to XXI century
Clang Lang Ron/Sevki Stable Harvey can be (cross) built with clang
Missing programs Tools Keith Testing Trying to make Harvey more habitable (no cupcakes allowed)
MMAP Internals Ron Development New pager "Pager" (ask Ron)
Unix ports Tools Álvaro/Rafael Development Essential programs for building different toolchains
GDB server Tools Graham Development Debugging and suffering
Iozone Tools Rafael Stable (port) Measurement and benchmarks with Iozone
devmntn #N device Internals Keith Testing Experimenting alternative file servers for new 9P hooks
RISC-V arch port System/Kernel Ron/John Rises an rc shell (Testing?) Harvey meets RISC-V architecture
ZFS System Rafael Testing Bringing up ZFS file system (external: see ZFS9P)
aarch64 arch port System/kernel Dan Development Harvey meets ARM 64 architecture
ninep FS Ron Stable New ninep file server improved
Media, webs, blog, social Other Sevki/Paul/Álvaro Maintaining Showing Harvey to the world
ACPI System/Kernel Ron Testing Harvey vs The Blob
Virtio Kernel Dmitry Testing Bringing Virtio drivers to Harvey
SDL Tools Rafael Development Draw through SDL for opening doors.
Build.go Tools Ron Maintaining Harvey's main builder
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