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Welcome to the Harvey's wiki!

For the latest news, as well as general information about our project, please visit our website at

Getting Started

Just follow the first page at the index. You'll find there a step-by-step to build and run Harvey operating system.

It also contains basic information about prerequisites, the code review system and accessing files.

If you find something wrong, outdated or any instruction that couldn't work in this wiki, feel free to tell us about it through any of the means listed below. Thank you for your collaboration!



  • Web Page
    Check here for for more information and news about the project.
  • Mailing List
    Here you can share your doubts, ideas and progress.
  • Blog
    Adventures, experiments, news, and articles.
  • Harvey Slack
    Live chat with Harvey community members.
  • Harvey OS supplies
    Some funny things with Harvey's logo.
  • Donate
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