Available Plugins

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How to install Plugins:

  • Download your chosen plugin below. Use the releases tab as marked in the screenshot below.

where to find the download

Method 1: drag and drop

  1. Open Options -> Tracker -> Plugins
  2. Drag the downloaded plugin .dll or .zip file into the plugins window
  3. restart HDT
  4. Enable the plugin in Options -> Tracker -> Plugins.

Method 2: Manual

  1. Extract the file(s) into the plugins subfolder (default: %appdata%\Hearthstone Deck Tracker\Plugins) or click Options -> Tracker -> Plugins -> Plugins Folder. Make sure to keep the structure of the downloaded archive intact.
  2. (Re-)start HDT.
  3. Enable the plugin in Options -> Tracker -> Plugins.
  4. If the plugin does not show up in that list, right click the ‘[PLUGINNAME].dll’, go into Properties and click “Unblock” at the bottom.

Available plugins

Hearthstone Collection Tracker by @ko-vasilev & maintained by the community
Allows you to import your Hearthstone collection to Hearthstone Deck Tracker, shows which type of pack will give you the biggest probability of opening missing cards and warns you when you create a deck that contains missing cards.

Collection tracking is now available on https://hsreplay.net. Uploading your collection to HSReplay is supported natively by HDT without requiring this or another plugin. Hearthstone Collection Tracker does however have some additional features.
HDT voice control by @topher-au & maintained by the community
adds voice controls to control what happens in Hearthstone. Please read the dependencies if there are problems installing
Arena Helper by @rembound
Tries to visually detect your arena heroes and card choices. Detected cards are displayed alongside the value of the card as specified in ADWCTA’s Arena Tier List. The created deck may be then saved to Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
Graveyard by @RedHatter
Displays minions that have died this game. Includes specialized views in addition to a full graveyard: deathrattle minions for N’Zoth decks, resurect chance for Resurect Priest, and Murloc minions with a damage calculator for Anyfin Can Happen.
Battlecry by @falconmick
Allows the user to bind sound effects to battlecrys ingame. By default when Mysterious Challenger is played, it will play ‘AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA’ after the Challenger says ‘Who am I?’
End Game by @andburn
Helps keep track of your opponents deck types after a game.
Stats Converter by @andburn
Import and export game statistics to and from HDT.
Hearth Arena Uploader by @riQQ
Allows you to upload Arena runs to Hearth Arena.
Trouble at the Mill by @realchriscasey
Displays the number of draws remaining before each player dies from fatigue
Hearthstone Treasury by @arkein
Budget management plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
FaceOnly by @antfu
Covers your opponent's minions so that you can focus on FACE.
AutoSquelch by @ko-vasilev & maintained by @z33154
autosquelch those noisy opponents, BM emotes are a thing of the past!
Dust Utility by @CLJunge
A utility plugin to provide easier dust and collection management.
Pack Tracker by @MGK82 aka DBqFetti
Pack Tracker is a plugin that allows you to keep an eye on every pack you open. This allows you to see how many cards of different rarities have dropped over time and also enables you to estimate when your next Epic or Legendary is coming!
Victory Shot by @andburn
For those wanting to take a screenshot of the victory/defeat screen at the end of a match.
Hearthstone Quest Tracker by @PyroGenesis
Hearthstone does not track Daily Quests from within a match. This plugin attempts to fix that. Useful for when you play to complete quests. This plugin does this by allowing you to set and keep track of progress in your daily quests by tracking played cards.

Outdated plugins

The following plugins have been replaced by native functionality in HDT or Hearthstone, but you can still use them!

Export to web by @judge2020
Allows exporting the selected deck to online deck websites like HearthPwn. Use by going to the plugins menu at the top. *(Replaced by deckstring imports)*
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