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Includes HEAT server 2.0.0 see below for details.

This is a mandatory update, all nodes on the network need to run this version
or higher.

A hard fork will happen at block 777,777 which is approximately two weeks from
the moment we do this release (somewhere around 2017-10-22).


The following applies ONLY if you run in 'non-light' mode. (when you've added heat.replicatorEnabled=true to your configuration).

While you can re-use your existing blockchain which can be found in the blockchain directory in your previous 1.1.0 installation.

You now need to DELETE THE DIRECTORY CALLED heat_db before starting heat 2.0.0, doing this will force HEAT to rescan the blockchain and rebuild its replicator database model.

API Documentation

Please look here for API docs https://heatwallet.com/api

Balance Leasing

By sending a LEASE transaction you transfer your forging power (so thats your
effective balance or stake) to a different account.

The amount you lease is always your full stake at any given moment, you also
provide a period expressed in blocks after which the lease ends. The period has
to be between 1,440 and 300,000 blocks.

While your stake is leased you can still move your HEAT to another account or
receive HEAT in your account. The same rules that applied before for how to
calculate your effective balance apply now. Whenever you add HEAT to your account
those funds will add up to your leased balance after 1440 blocks. At the same
time whenever you transfer HEAT out of your account that will immediately be
deducted from your leased stake.

An account to which balances are leased can start forging as usual, when determining
the account stake during block creation and broadcasting we add up all leased
stakes to come to that account current forging power.

After sending a LEASE transaction and before that lease period is over you can
send any number of follow up LEASE transactions each one overwriting your 'next lease'
which takes effect automatically the moment your first lease ends.

Use case for balance leasing is two fold.

1. It allows accounts with small stakes to group together to form forging 
   pools. This way increasing your chance of forging blocks.
2. It's a security measure where you lease your (large) stake to a proxy
   account. Meaning you no longer have to expose your secret phrase of 
   your main account to the server you use for foring blocks.

As is the case with forging blocks without leasing your balance, we require a minimum of
1,000 HEAT in order for your stake to be counted as leased stake.

List of updates/fixes/features.

  • fixed placeAsk, placeBid unknown asset bug
  • replicator model schemas now support MYSQL
  • new replicator schema version manager based on external property files, please
    see 'resources' directory for all sql schemas
  • server side order book running total and sum calculations
  • changed the default logger to daily rollovers, logs are archived for 30 days
    and automatically deleted
  • forger rewards are traced by a new replictor
  • forger rewards can be returned by the API
  • order cancellations are now traced by a new replicator, now the UI can display
    order cancellation details including asset, currency, quantity and price
  • blocks generated per account are now traced in a new replicator and are availble
    in the UI and from the API
  • improvements/optimizations of replicator SQL and where needed combining SQL
    based solutions with custom caching solutions. this is an ongoing process,
    major updates to the way we deal with our rather unique replicator mechanism
    are to be expected
  • thread safety improvements

When the hard fork happens only servers running this version or higher will be
able to connect.