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Continuous build tools and automated tests for HelenOS.
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HelenOS Continuous Integration Testing Scripts

The purpose of this repository is to have a universal script for building and testing (almost) everything related to HelenOS. Currently, the script is able to:

  • fetch latest versions of HelenOS and harbours (ported software)
  • build HelenOS for all supported architectures
  • build all harbours (the full matrix)
  • run automated tests in QEMU (selected platforms only)

See for more information. Nightly builds using this tool are pushed to

Note: this tool is not meant to be used for normal development of HelenOS (i.e. the "edit - incrementally compile - test" loop) but rather for pre-merge tests or automated nightly builds.


# Fetch default branches and build everything.

# Limit paralellism
./ --jobs 3

# Fetch from non-default branches
./ --helenos-repository


The tests are executed in QEMU and it is possible to type text into console and assert for command output.

See scripts in scenarios/ directory for examples or the script to learn about internals.

usage: [-h] [--headless] [--scenario FILENAME.yml] --arch
                     ARCHITECTURE [--memory MB] --image FILENAME
                     [--pass OPTION] [--vterm-dump FILENAME.txt]
                     [--last-screenshot FILENAME.png] [--debug]

Testing of HelenOS in VM

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --headless            Do not show any VM windows.
  --scenario FILENAME.yml
                        Scenario file
  --arch ARCHITECTURE   Emulated architecture identification.
  --memory MB           Amount of memory for the virtual machine.
  --image FILENAME      HelenOS boot image (e.g. ISO file).
  --pass OPTION         Extra options to pass through to the emulator
  --vterm-dump FILENAME.txt
                        Where to store full vterm dump.
  --last-screenshot FILENAME.png
                        Where to store last screenshot.
  --debug               Print debugging messages

Typical invocation will use the following arguments:
  --image helenos.iso
  --scenario scenario.yml
  --arch amd64               # ia32, ppc32 etc.
  --vterm-dump dump.txt      # all text from main vterm
  --last-screenshot shot.png # last VM screen

Simple test running malloc and checking its output looks like this:

  name: "tester malloc"
  harbours: []

  - boot
  - command:
      args: "tester malloc1"
      assert:  "Test passed"
      negassert: "Test failed"

Test checking that we are able to launch GCC (needs special image):

  name: "gcc --version"
     - gcc

  - boot
  - command:
      args: "gcc --version"
      assert:  "GCC"
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