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Update dependencies for compat with Node v6


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Feather is a proof of concept app demonstrating the following in 8.5kb of min/gzipped code.

Visit, open the network panel and see for yourself.

  • Initial render of clientside components to static HTML at build time. So the browser gets "pre-rendered" HTML.
  • JS "taking over" once loaded in the browser.
  • App state, logic, and virtual DOM rendering and diffing happens outside of main UI thread using a WebWorker.
  • WebWorker code is "inlined" and loaded as a data URI using Blob interface.
  • Worker code is written in ES2015 and import other modules and npm modules from inside worker.
  • Insanely light "router" (feels silly to even call it that). The current URL is simply treated as a part of application state. It then gets "rendered" to the URL bar with history.pushState if it's different than current.
  • Styles are pre-processed and live-reloaded during development without need for browser plugins.
  • npm run build && npm run deploy puts a fully static site with clean URLs on the Internet using
  • Main UI thread has only three responsibilities:
    • sending "state of the world" to worker on start. This includes parsing real DOM into a virtual dom so the worker has a starting point for calculating diffs and sending in the current URL.
    • listening for and sending serializable actions back to the worker (this includes popstate events) for routing.
    • applying DOM patches when received from worker


Huge thanks to @NolanLawson for his pioneering work on using WebWorkers for DOM diffing. Read his incredible post here:

Very little of what enables this was created by me. I'm just pulling together awesome modules like: webpack, virtual-dom, babel, vdom-serialized-patch, vdom-to-html, vdom-virtualize to name a few.

Created by @HenrikJoreteg.


as light as a...



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