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A small starter template to get up and running with Svelte v3 πŸš€
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Getting started with SvelteJS v3

This is a simple starter template for building and running an app using Svelte. To get going, make sure you have NodeJS and git installed on your machine.

Next, cd to the directory where this project has been cloned...

git clone
cd ./svelte-starter-template

...install all project dependencies...

npm install

...and build the application.

npm run build

This should pull up a page in your favorite web browser saying "I'm an app!" If you look at the file rollup.config.js in your text editor, you should see imports for "live-reload" and "serve." These allow the website to rebuild itself automatically when you add new code, and refresh the page in your browser so you can see your changes.

Next steps

Go visit the documentation page for SvelteJS to start building! πŸ˜ƒ

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