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A curated list of resources for teaching kids programming.
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Awesome Programming for Kids Awesome

A curated list of awesome resources for teaching kids programming.



  • Scratch Jr. - An app that teaches young kids how to visually code interactive stories and games. A simplified version of the Scratch website, for a tablet.
  • The Foos - A funny, pre-literate iPad game that teaches concepts for commands, parameters, loops, and conditionals.
  • Cubetto - An expensive, yet screen-free introduction to coding especially for a Montessori environment. Includes a robot and a wooden programming board with removable command pieces.

Lower Elementary

  • Scratch - Scratch is a popular visual programming language for beginners, created by MIT. The Scratch website is a platform for kids to make interactive stories and share them with each other.
  • Hopscotch - Like Scratch, but for iOS devices.
  • Lightbot - Solve puzzles with commands, loops, and conditionals. Comes in Lightbot and lightbot Jr, and a mobile app or a desktop website.
  • - A website with interactive coding games and courses for kids. Covers a large range of ages and skill levels.
  • Code Master - An addictive board game that builds problem solving skills and understanding of programming logic. Starts basic and moves to very advanced.
  • Cargo Bot - iPad app to solve problems with constraints using commands, loops, conditional statements. More difficult puzzles than Lightbot.

Upper Elementary

  • - An online community for kids to learn anything. Programming skills listed are App Dev, Backend Dev, Frontend Dev, Game Dev, Graphic Designer, Open Sourcerer, Scratcher, Sys Admin, and Web Designer.
  • Web Design for Kids - A series of tutorials teaching children the basics of designing and building a website with HTML and CSS.
  • Finch Robot - A small robot designed for computer science education with support for multiple programming languages.
  • Secret Coders - A engaging book series that teaches programming concepts through Logo.
  • Khan Academy - Computer Programming - A series of web-based programming lessons with interactive challenges, by Khan Academy. Teaches topics like animation, game development, and web programming. Users can post questions, which get answered quickly by the community.
  • Bitsbox - A monthly box subscription that teaches kids how to code.
  • CS Unplugged - A collection of free learning activities that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around.
  • Lauren Ipsum - A book that teaches problem-solving concepts in the context of programming. Sample chapters available online.
  • Lego Mindstorms - A robotics kit by Lego.
  • Ruby Warrior - An online tutorial-game with cool music that teaches Ruby programming.
  • Swift Playgrounds - Apple's fun iPad app for learning Swift.
  • Microsoft MakeCode - A suite of educational tools for kids, including online environments for game development, minecraft modding, hardware hacking, and more.
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