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LeapMotionInputForMRTK simulates hand inputs for MRTK with Leap Motion
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LeapMotionInputForMRTK simulates hand inputs for MRTK with Leap Motion.

Demo video

Demo video


Getting Started

1.A. Clone this repository

> git clone --recursive
> cd LeapMotionInputForMRTK
> External\createSymlink.bat

Open LeapMotionInputForMRTK project with Unity 2018.3.x.

1.B. Import unitypackage

Create project with Unity 2018.3.x.

Import MRTK v2

Download and import MRTK v2 unitypackages.

  • Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.Unity.Examples-v2.0.0-RC2.1.unitypackage
  • Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.Unity.Foundation-v2.0.0-RC2.1.unitypackage

Import LeapMotionInputForMRTK

Download and import the latest LeapMotionInputForMRTK unitypackage.

2. Import Leap Motion Core Assets

Download "Unity Core Assets" and import to the unity project.

3.A. Open sample scene

Open Assets/LeapMotionInputSimulation/Scenes/SampleScene.

3.B. Create new scene

When creating new scene, MRTK settings window pops up.
Drag and drop Assets\LeapMotionInputSimulation\LeapMotionMixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile.asset to the window and press "Yes".


After the scene is loaded, select "Main Camera" in Hirerarchy and add LeapXRServiceProvider component.


Enable Hand Mesh

If you want to enable Hand Mesh, attach HandModelManager script to "Main Camera".
Edit the component like the following picture.
LoPoly Rigged Hand prefabs are in Assets\LeapMotion\Core\Prefabs\HandModelsNonHuman folder.


4. Fix MRTK v2

There is a bug in MRTK v2.

To fix the bug, edit Assets\MixedRealityToolkit\Providers\Hands\BaseHandVisualizer.cs.


if (handMeshFilter != null)
    Mesh mesh = handMeshFilter.mesh;

    if((mesh.vertices?.Length ?? 0) != 0 && 
        mesh.vertices?.Length != eventData.InputData.vertices?.Length)
    mesh.vertices = eventData.InputData.vertices;
    mesh.normals = eventData.InputData.normals;
    mesh.triangles = eventData.InputData.triangles;

    if (eventData.InputData.uvs != null && eventData.InputData.uvs.Length > 0)
        mesh.uv = eventData.InputData.uvs;


    handMeshFilter.transform.position = eventData.InputData.position;
    handMeshFilter.transform.rotation = eventData.InputData.rotation;

5. Switch platform

In the Build Settings window, switch platform to Universal Windows Platform.

6. Mount Leap Motion on HoloLens (1st gen)

Mount Leap Motion on HoloLens like the following picture.
3D Printable Models


Adjust the offset and tilt values.


7. Play in Unity Editor

On your HoloLens, start the Holographic Remoting Player app.

In Unity, select "Window > XR > Holographic Emulation".
Enter the IP address of your HoloLens and press Connect button.


Press Play button in Unity Editor.


Furuta, Yusuke (@tarukosu)



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