Script to setup Reex Masternode
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Reex-MN: Script to setup Masternode

Need a fresh VPS ubuntu with atleast 1 Gb RAM and 15 Gbs free space, we suggest:

  1. download the file:
git clone
cd Reex-MN
  1. change the permissions:
chmod +x
  1. prepare the windows wallet:
  • go to debug console and type:
getnewaddress MN1
  • send 1.000 REEX to this address and let atleast confirm by 1 blocks
  • get the MN key and save in txt:
masternode genkey
  1. back to vps and execute the file
sudo ./
  1. wait to ask genkey and put by control+V the info getted in 4.3 point and give enter to go on.
  2. let finish and note the IP:PORT given at the end of the script execution
  3. back to your windows wallet and get masternode outputs:
masternode outputs

will give you something like this: you will only need anote what are between ""

txhash: "7a1ebb4baadf9ff39bbbfc2d58fd57ff15b65a5096069c8b232d3d312fb4xxxx",
outputidx: 1
  1. open the masternode conf file and put:
MN1 IP:PORT masternodekey masternodeouputs txnumber
EXAMPLE: 7NEGGttKZojkAzViEYXXXxKTFdAtC2uSiMg8NSFqYVBtN6mYdU 7a1ebb4baadf9ff39bbbfc2d58fd57ff15b65a5096069c8XXX3fb4cb5c 1
  1. save masternode conf file reopen wallet and in masternode section type START ALL
  2. need atleast 22 blocks to be confirmed and start to work

enjoy :)