These files contain construction details, stl files for 3d printing and dxf files for laser cutting robots.
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Hull Pixelbot Parts List.docx
Hull Pixelbot Parts List.pdf
Hullpixelbot Connections.png


This folder contains the design files for the 3D printed components along with the build instructions and the parts inventory for the HullPixelbot.

The stl folder contains folders for the 3D printed parts for the different robot elements.

The HullPixelbot.dxf file contains the layouts for a laser cut chassis. The layers are identified with the suggested perspex thickness and the persex folder in the stl folder contains the extra elements (wheel hubs, bumpers, washers) that are not presently laser cut.

The HullPixelbot Connections file shows how the components are connected. This is explained in more detail in the learning part of this site.

The parts list file holds a list of parts. (the clue is in the name)

Rob Miles