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HumMod Documentation

This is the documentation for HumMod projects.

How to contribute?

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Clone your repository: > git clone
  3. Add a remote for upstream
> git remote add upstream git://
  1. Switch to the gh-pages branch: > git checkout gh-pages
  2. Get to work.
  3. Push changes into branch: > git push origin gh-pages
  4. Submit Pull Request. Did you fetch and merge from the main repo first? If not,
> git fetch upstream
> git merge upstream/gh-pages

If yes, then submit a pull request with a good description.

About Styles

We try to keep the look of the HumMod sites uniform. As such, please do not override styles. If you encounter a problem, contact us and we'll see what can be done.

All pages should use the default.html layout. As we finalize the styles and appropriate tags, the README will be updated.


Each page is divided into sections. These sections should have header tags with an h1 element inside.

Place the pertinent content outside the header but inside the section.

Here's an example of how content should render:

<section id="example-section">
    <h1>This is an example of a section</h1>
    <a href="#block">Back to the top.</a>
    Sections should be structured like this example.  Please note the section, header, 
    and h1 tags.  Further, the section has an id that corresponds to the sections header.
    This unique id is used for linking within the page.
    Since we link inside the page, it's necessary to update the main nav group up top.

Tags and Usage


Sections group related content and may be nested. <section> and </section>


Headers specify the heading of a section. They should be within every section and contain a first level element. <header> and </header>

  • 1st Level: h1
  • 2nd Level: h2
  • 3rd Level: h3

These elements should not exist outside of a section or header element.


If a section has more than one header within it's header, then use the hgroup tag to group the elements.

    <h1>First Level</h1>
    <h2>Second Level</h2>