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What is HyMaintenance

HyMaintenance is a free/open-source maintenance-contracts management software developed by Hybird (

The purpose of HyMaintenance is to facilitate the communication between our company, which offer maintenance contracts and your client about the evolution of your common maintenance contracts.

This web service allows to manage maintenance contract from two perspectives :

  • the manager from our client company can see how many maintenance hours are left and how the credits have been consumed during the last six months;
  • the operator from our company, who resolved the issues of your client, can manage all contracts of his projects.

It is designed by projects comprised of three different types of maintenance contracts for one company.



(exact versions are indicated in the file hymaintenance/requirements/

Before HyMaintenance

In the first place, here is the list of softwares you have to install before installing HyMaintenance. Install python3:

sudo apt-get install python3

Install git:

sudo apt-get install git

Optional: you may install virtualenv Install virtualenv:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
pip3 install virtualenv

Install virtualenvwrapper:

sudo apt-get install virtualenvwrapper

HyMaintenance installation

Then, here are instructions you have to follow to install HyMaintenance. Clone git repository:

git clone

Create a virtual environnement:

cd HyMaintenance
mkvirtualenv <nom_venv>

Activate your virtual environnement:

workon <nom_venv>

Install all python libs needed listed in the file requirements.txt:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a administrator user on your HyMaintenance.

cd hymaintenance
python create_admin

If you didn't have PostgreSQL installed, add the option --settings:

python create_admin --settings=hymaintenance.sqlite_tests_settings

Run HyMaintenance

To run HyMaintenance:

python runserver

If you didn't have PostgreSQL installed, like in the installation, add the option --settings:

python runserver --settings=hymaintenance.sqlite_tests_settings


All instructions are in CONTRIBUTING.txt file.


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