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Door is a game with a very simple objective: Open a door.
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DOOR Rev. 3

g++ main.cpp Area.cpp Door.cpp -o door

NOTE: This project now relies on Boost, which is a set of libraries. They are available at, and are required to compile.

The executable will be saved as ./door.

Source Files
| main.cpp -- the main code file
| Config.h -- configuration constants set here
| Declarations.h -- initialization of objects (pregame) is here
Ð Classes
   Ð Area
      | Area.h -- Header file for Area class
      | Area.cpp -- cpp file for Area class
   Ð Character
      | Character.h -- Header file for Character class (no cpp file needed)
   Ð Door
      | Door.h -- Header file for Door class
      | Door.cpp -- cpp file for Door class
   Ð Parser -- Parses input into commands that the game takes
      | Parser.h -- Header File for Parser class
      | Parser.cpp -- cpp file for Parser Class
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