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Submission management software for open calls

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  • Manage the collection and review of applications or submissions openly and efficiently
  • Customize all aspects of the process, forms, workflows, review options, and more
  • Automate workflows and integrate with other services (Slack, Mailgun, etc)
  • Regularly audited software with many privacy and security features

View our Roadmap for upcoming features and enhancements


Hypha Community

We offer several virtual meeting spaces, including communication forums, chat rooms and an open GitHub repository for new and current adopters. Join our forums to discuss new features and report bugs for continuous improvement of the platform. Get Started

You are welcome to test Hypha on our Sandbox Site. Enter the demo site and freely explore the potential of Hypha and its features. Online Demo

Who contributes to Hypha?

Hypha is improved by a small community of developers, designers, and users. As an open source software with a BSD 3-clause license, we welcome any contribution to expand on what the platform can do and to create add-on functionality not already available.

OTF currently partners with Fredrik Jonsson @ Combonetwork, Lead Developer, to ensure the long-term maintenance, security, and sustainability of Hypha.

We are grateful to organizations that have chosen to implement Hypha and appreciate any and all code, design, documentation, bug reports, and other forms of contributions:

These organizations are already using Hypha

More information