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Welcome, ICN Hodlers

The goal of is to enable collaboration between ICN Hodlers to keep descriptions, links and information related to Iconomi as up to date as possible. Anyone can edit these files and submit changes for review. If they make sense and add value to what's already in place, the changes will be accepted. All content is synced to a dedicated wiki section on the ICNHodler website:

List of all pages:

How to contribute

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. - Michael Jordan

Keeping these docs up to date will be a tedious, ongoing process but they'll form a critical part of the ICNHodler website and ultimately help newcomers to understand what Iconomi is, how it works and why it matters. To update a page, just go to, select a page and click on the edit button. When ready you'll need to save changes and create a pull request so that it can be reviewed by an admin who ultimately has the final say over whether changes will be accepted (but they will be provided they add value).