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The first Open Source document analysis platform

Updated March 12, 2014


A repository for storing interesting data visualizations using the Infinit.e platform

Updated January 24, 2014

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The first Open Source document analysis platform. This project contains pre-requisites for the deployment of the Infinit.e RPMs

Updated January 13, 2014


Infinit.e / Datasift connector

Updated September 05, 2013

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forked from cvitter/ikanow.mongodc2013.presentation

Files and example code for my MongoDB DC Presentation March 11, 2013.

Updated March 10, 2013

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forked from cvitter/ikanow.twitter.graph

Updated February 26, 2013

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forked from cvitter/

Sample application that demonstrates how to query the IKANOW Developer API and develop analytical value from the data queried using tools like the Google Maps Javascript API. Live version of the current application can be seen at: Please view the Read Me for information on how to get started with your own local copy of the project.

Updated January 15, 2013

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forked from cvitter/ikanow.api.code.samples

ikanow.api.code.samples - a collection of code samples to demonstrate how to connect to and interact with the IKANOW Developer API found at

Updated December 18, 2012

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forked from cvitter/ikanow.developer.api.query.generator

The IKANOW API - Query Generator is an interactive tool useful for learning how to write query objects for the Document Query API (as well as demonstrating simple techniques for developing applications that interact with the IKANOW Developer API using JavaScript and JSP).

Updated December 06, 2012

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forked from cvitter/ikanow.developer.api.entity.suggest

Sample code that demonstrates ways to connect to the IKANOW Developer API (

Updated November 28, 2012


forked from mongodb/mongo-hadoop

MongoDB adapter for Hadoop

Updated August 15, 2012

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