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The Image Systems Engineering Toolbox for Cameras (ISETCAM) is a Matlab toolbox that was developed by ImageVal. The commercial software (ISET) was used by our colleagues in industry as they designed and evaluated imaging systems. ISET was implemented as an integrated suite of Matlab functions and data structures that

  • Represent the radiometric properties of scenes and illuminants
  • Model image formation through optical elements such as microlens arrays and camera lenses
  • Characterize the sensitivity and noise of sensors, including spatial and spectral sampling of color filter arrays (CFAs)
  • Implement image processing algorithms
  • Calculate a calibrated (radiometric) representation of the rendered image

ISET was (notice past tense) sold through ImageVal, and we shared it (freely) with many academic colleagues, including labs around the world and students who took our Stanford course on Image Systems Engineering. Our colleagues are using the software in innovative ways, integrating ISET with quantitative computer graphics (PBRT), AR/VR design, machine learning applications for rendering (L3) and automotive sensor design.

Today ISET has over 500 registered users who are working in more than 80 companies, 9 research institutes, and 65 universities in 24 different countries. As the usage increases, we believe that keeping ISET commercial would slow progress in developing innovative imaging systems for new applications in consumer, medical and industrial imaging. This perception was reinforced by our experience with the ISETBIO project, an effort that built on ISET to model the biology of the human visual system. Opening ISET to them sped progress.

By creating the ISETCAM repository, which includes the code that pertains to sensor and display models, we hope to support engineering reproducibility, provide educational tools for people entering the field, and speed progress in the exciting field of image systems engineering.

Joyce Farrell and Brian Wandell

How to cite this work

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