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Neutron allows developers to build native Python apps along with CSS and HTML for frontend design. Based on pywebview.

You can get started contributing via


pip install neutron-web

Building your project

To build a Neutron project you first need pyinstaller, install pyinstaller throught pip: pip install pyinstaller. Then run the script below in your command prompt/terminal. You can also use other programs to build your project such as py2exe if you prefer.

Note: If you are on linux use ":" instead of ";"

pyinstaller --noconsole --onefile --add-data="YOUR_HTML_FILE.html;." --add-data="YOUR_CSS_FILE.css;."

You don't need to use --add-data if your project doesn't have a CSS or HTML file


Full example

For a fully set up example project see TEMPLATE. The project is build how it's intended, meaning it has a CSS and HTML file for the design and a Python file for the logic. (It is comparable to how websites using JavaScript are built).

Other examples

Althought not recommended for big projects, it's possible to create an app using only a Python file.

import Neutron

win = Neutron.Window("Example")

HeaderObject = Neutron.elements.Header(win, id="title", content="Hello")

def setName():
    HeaderObject.setAttribute("style", "color: red;")
    HeaderObject.innerHTML = "Hello world!"
    win.getElementById("submit").innerHTML = "clicked!"

Neutron.elements.Button(win, id="submit", content="Hi", onclick=Neutron.event(setName))

Another example featuring in-python HTML:

import Neutron

win = Neutron.Window("Example")

def setName():
    name = win.getElementById("inputName").value
    win.getElementById("title").innerHTML = "Hello: " + name


<!DOCTYPE html>
   <head lang="en">
      <meta charset="UTF-8">
      <h1 id="title">Hello: </h1>
      <input id="inputName">
      <button id="submitName" onclick="setName()">Submit</button>
""", pyfunctions=[setName]) # Link up any Python functions so that they can be used inside the HTML


To resolve slow loading times for bigger projects, Neutron features a loader system seen here:

import Neutron

win = Neutron.Window("Example", size=(600,100))

# The loader covers while all the other elements and css loads
win.loader(content="<h1>Loading App...</h1>", color="#fff", after=lambda: win.toggle_fullscreen())

Multiple windows

To create another window for example when a fuction is called you need to use the childwindow argument.

def createNewWindow():
    win = Neutrontest.Window("Example", size=(600, 100), childwindow=True)


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