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Rivet is a open source decoder written in Java which decodes various HF data modes that have either been forgotten by the better known decoder programs or which can only be decoded by expensive programs that are beyond the reach of the average hobbyist. The program doesn't need any other hardware to operate all it requires is a sound card with an audio feed from HF receiver.

More details on using Rivet can be found here.

Rivet Screen Shot

(an example screenshot of Rivet decoding an XPA transmission)

Those of you who have used decoder programs for HF data modes before will find Rivet a little different. Firstly Rivet doesn't need you to precisely tune your receiver to signal for it to be decoded. Instead Rivet takes advantage of a modern PCs processing power and adjusts itself to the incoming signal. This means you don't waste vital minutes messing around with a tuning indicator when you want to see what is being transmitted. The downside is that Rivet does need to run on a fairly powerful PC with at least 2 cores. Secondly Rivet is designed not only to accept a direct sound input from a sound card but it can also decode data from a .WAV file (which must be mono and have a sample rate of 8 KHz). So you can record a transmission while you are searching through the HF spectrum and record it later. If you click here you will find several recordings you can use to test the program.

Lastly Rivet is a free and open source program something which is very unusual for a HF data mode decoder. To make it better I need your input so if you find any bugs or have any feature suggestions please email me. If you are a programmer then use Github to fork Rivet and add some new features yourself then if I like them I will add them to the program.

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