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Brain-Computer Interface ironbci

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It is not medical device!!! And can not be used for any medical purposes!!!

ADS1299 and STM32F407VE

GNU license

How it Works

Gerbers files for PCB boards.
Hex file can be uploaded to STM32F407VE by ST-LINK V2 RST
- gnd
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2. General pin information about ADS1299 signals

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SPI2 for communicate with ADS1299
UAART4 for send data by HC-12
2.1.DRDY output - high when conversion starts
2.2 Two ways to read data:
- RDATA - continuous read command;
- SDATA - on request.
2.3. The amount of input data - 24 * 8 = 192 bits + 24 status bits, a total - 216 bits

3. Configuration of control registers

Three bytes of register configuration
0b11010100 0b11100000

4. Description of code ADS_1299.c

Data transfer - "s", ends - "p"
Serial with baud rate - 115200.

Hardware demonstrations
Hardware demonstrations
Signal processing by brainflov via timeflux (
Software demonstrations

6. Citation

Rakhmatulin, I., Parfenov, A., Traylor, Z. et al. Low-cost brain computer interface for everyday use. Exp Brain Res (2021).

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