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IndoorAtlas SDK Examples for Android

IndoorAtlas provides a unique Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that runs a disruptive geomagnetic positioning in its full-stack hybrid technology for accurately pinpointing a location inside a building. The IndoorAtlas SDK enables app developers to use high-accuracy indoor positioning in venues that have been fingerprinted.

This example app showcases the IndoorAtlas SDK features and acts as a reference implementation for many of the basic SDK features. Getting started requires you to set up a free developer account and fingerprint your indoor venue using the IndoorAtlas MapCreator tool.

There are also similar examples for iOS in Objective-C and Swift.

Getting Started

Set up your account

Set up your API keys

To run the examples you need to configure your IndoorAtlas API keys. If you do not have keys yet, go to and sign up.

Once you have API keys, edit them into in the project root level.

Building the AR examples

By default the AR examples aren't build. You can choose ARCore and AREngine variants to build the examples. Note: you need AR enabled api key to run the AR examples, contact the IndoorAtlas sales at


AR Example

  • AR Example: Shows how to use IndoorAtlas SDK's AR APIs to implement AR Wayfinding. Displays AR POIs/Ads.

Simple Example

  • Simple Example: This is the hello world of IndoorAtlas SDK. Displays received location updates as log entries.

Imageview Example

  • ImageView: Automatically downloads the floor plan that user has entered and displays it using Dave Morrissey's This is a great library for handling large images! The example also demonstrates smoothly animating the blue dot and how to set up OrientationListener for obtaining device heading information.

Google Maps - Overlay Example

  • Google Maps - Overlay: Just like Google Maps - Basic but demonstrates how to place floor plan on world map by coordinates.

Automatic Venue and Floor Detection Example

Wayfinding Example

  • Wayfinding Example: In this example, a wayfinding graph json file is loaded. On the UI, you'll see your current location, and when you tap another point on the floorplan, you'll be shown a wayfinding route to that location.

  • Note: to setup, you need to draw a wayfinding graph for your venue using and save it. Obviously you also need to fingerprint the venue and generate a map.

Foreground Service Positioning Example

Geofences Example

  • Geofences: Demonstrates how to set geofences and receive the geofence events.

Orientation Example

  • Orientation: Demonstrates IndoorAtlas 3D Orientation API.

Set Credentials from Code Example

  • Set credentials: Demonstrates how to set IndoorAtlas credentials from code in runtime.

AR wayfinding examples

  • AR wayfinding: AR wayfinding examples, both using IndoorAtlas high-level and low-level AR apis.


The IndoorAtlas SDK API documentation is available in the documentation portal:

SDK Changelog


Copyright 2015-2019 IndoorAtlas Ltd. The IndoorAtlas SDK Examples are released under the Apache License. See the file for details.


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