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IndoorAtlas SDK Examples for iOS (Objective-C)

IndoorAtlas provides a unique Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that runs a disruptive geomagnetic positioning in its full-stack hybrid technology for accurately pinpointing a location inside a building. The IndoorAtlas SDK enables app developers to use high-accuracy indoor positioning in venues that have been fingerprinted.

This example app showcases the IndoorAtlas SDK features and acts as a reference implementation in Objective-C for many of the basic SDK features. Getting started requires you to set up a free developer account and fingerprint your indoor venue using the IndoorAtlas MapCreator tool.

There are also similar examples for Swift and Android.

Getting Started

Set up your account

Get started by using CocoaPods

Clone or download this git repository and install the project dependencies using CocoaPods (recommended):

cd ios-sdk-examples/example
pod install
open indooratlas-ios-sdk-example.xcworkspace

Set your API keys in ApiKeys.h. API keys can be generated at

Manual IndoorAtlas framework download

If you are not using CocoaPods, the IndoorAtlas SDK framework can be downloaded and installed manually by following the steps in the manual installation of iOS SDK.


These examples are included in the app:

  • Map View: Example of using IndoorAtlas positioning with AppleMaps overlay. Demonstrates the use of region change, indoor-outdoor and wayfinding features of the IndoorAtlas SDK.
  • Image View: Floor plan bitmap image view with the blue dot location.
  • Background: Demonstrates running the SDK in the background, by periodically initiating positioning.
  • Geofence: Allows the user to set geofences and triggers callbacks once the user enters/exits the geofence.
  • Orientation: Demonstrates the 3D orientation API.


The IndoorAtlas SDK API documentation is available in the documentation portal:

SDK Changelog


Copyright 2015-2018 IndoorAtlas Ltd. The IndoorAtlas SDK Examples are released under the Apache License. See the file for details.