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  1. android-sdk-examples android-sdk-examples Public

    Example applications for IndoorAtlas Android SDK

    Java 94 75

  2. unity-plugin unity-plugin Public

    IndoorAtlas Unity plugin

    Objective-C 40 13

  3. ios-sdk-swift-examples ios-sdk-swift-examples Public

    Swift examples for IndoorAtlas iOS SDK

    Swift 14 2

  4. cordova-plugin cordova-plugin Public

    IndoorAtlas Apache Cordova plugin

    Objective-C 11 14

  5. ios-sdk-examples ios-sdk-examples Public

    IndoorAtlas iOS SDK example applications

    Objective-C 10 7

  6. subsampling-scale-image-view subsampling-scale-image-view Public

    Forked from davemorrissey/subsampling-scale-image-view

    Highly configurable, easily extendable view with pan and zoom gestures for displaying huge images without loss of detail. Perfect for photo galleries, maps, building plans etc.

    Java 6 2


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