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Open Source Sparta ION

There's a bunch of (Dutch) blog posts that go with this: (

This repository contains the following:

folder descr
eagle All relevant eagle files, BOM lists.
ion_firmware AVR Studio projects for the different kinds of firmware.
ion_software Software for testing, or uploading hex files.
lib Files used in either firmware or software.
lib_ion Files used for Sparta ION specific code.

All files in this repository are released under GNU GPLv3 (

Software used:


The firmware running your bike's motor, consists of three parts:

  • A bootloader, started on powerup.
  • The actual firmware, called application executed by the bootloader.
  • Configuration memory, stored in ROM.

The bootloader uses two blocks to identify the harware it's running on, and what firmware should be loaded. The firware uses one block to read/write settings, which are currently the strain gauge calibration.

If you wan't to build a control PCB, use the latest revision of 3phasecntrl.

New Hardare Revision Wishlist:

  • Crystal
  • ESD protection on HALL input. (REV2)