STM32 USB device bootloader using DFU class interface
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DFU Bootloader Build Status

This repository contains a generic USB device bootloader firmware for STM32 controllers.


  • Fully-featured DFU class (with support to STMicroelectronics protocol Extension) USB device
  • Small footprint: consumes only 8kB flash with -Os (50% smaller than the STM32Cube solution)
  • The DFU interface is allocated to a fixed address, so it can be mounted on the application's USB device, allowing convenient entry to firmware update mode
  • Easy to port on virtually any STM32 device that is supported by STM32_XPD

How to build

Simply run make with the following arguments:

Symbol Name Use
SERIES The series of the STM32 device
TARGET_HEADER String of the device-specific STM32_XPD header
APP_ADDRESS Value of the application's flash start address
APP_SIZE The total available flash space for the application in bytes
TOTAL_ERASE_MS Average erase time of the application flash area
VID Vendor ID of the USB device in hexadecimal format (no prefix)
PID Product ID of the USB device in hexadecimal format (no prefix)
DFUSE Set to 1 if DFUSE protocol is desired
DESC_STR DFUSE specific flash layout descriptor string
BINPATH Path to build toolchain binaries (/usr/bin by default)

An example for an STM32F042K6 device with (VID,PID)={FFFF,FFFF}:


Further examples can be found in .travis.yml.

Built with GCC. (arm-atollic-eabi- is preferred over arm-none-eabi- as it provides better size optimization)